Our Home Remodeling Story Started Right Here in New Jersey in 1968

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In order to provide his family a brighter future, Lou Amiano Senior decided in 1968 that it was time to launch his own business. Lou Senior began his career as a mason in North Jersey before moving to South Jersey a few years later. He worked arduously on his business every year. Fast-forward to 2009, when Lou Amiano Junior was passed along the reins of the family renovation business. Lou Junior now has decades worth of education and experience in the industry. Lou Junior has established a nationally recognized, design-build remodeling company right here in small-town Southampton, New Jersey, by fusing his building expertise with contemporary technology and cutting-edge design trends.

In the more recent years, Lou Amiano’s daughter, Sophia Amiano, and nephew, Joseph Clymer, are heavily involved in the business. Lou works closely with Sophia and Joe to continue to grow the firm as well as adapt to the modern-day industry, all while keeping the companies original core values intact. After more than fifty years in operation, Amiano & Son has remained a family-run owned and operated business with a solid foundation based on expertise, enthusiasm, and generations of toil.

Being a small business, established on the idea of family, every staff member a part of our team, quickly becomes family around here. So as a whole, when the Amiano team takes on a new project, every member handles it as if it were our own home. At Amiano & Son, we understand the important of your house, not just for you, but your entire family. So, when choosing Amiano & Son for your home remodeling project, you are not just selecting a remodeler, you are selecting a professional firm full of people who care about your family, respect your home, and have a goal in mind to leave you with the up-most quality of construction to enjoy for years to come.

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Every Great Team is Built and Encouraged by Strong Leaders

Lou Amiano Jr.

Wendy Amiano


Director of Marketing

Lou amiano Jr posing for a photo
Wendy amiano posing for a photo

Believe it or not, when Lou Amiano initially started working in this field, he considered maybe starting his own  painting business. However, Lou Jr. reasoned that because his Father had a company at the time that  specialized in carpentry and masonry work, why not go into business with him and see where it takes them.  Lou transformed Amiano & Son into a Design-Build company by hard effort, education, and his own work both  on the job and in the office, where he thoroughly studied every facet of this industry. Amiano & Son has been in  operation for more than 50 years because of Lou's attention to detail and commitment to delivering each and  every client with our reputable Amiano quality work. Not only did Lou construct a business, but he also  developed special working methods that have become synonymous with the Amiano brand and that are flexible  enough to change with the needs of a market that is always evolving.

When Lou first joined alongside his Father, his wife, Wendy, was working for a large corporation in public  relations. But soon enough, Wendy joined into the family business to stand alongside her husband and grow  something amazing together. Over the years, Wendy and Lou established a strong brand and developed Amiano & Son into one of the top renovation companies in New Jersey.   Wendy’s background in public relations also gave her and Lou a solid platform for carrying out the customer  service protocols they developed when growing the firm. “The number of women who have entered the  renovation sector over the past ten years has changed tremendously, but in the beginning, being one of the only  women and attempting to develop a strong presence undoubtedly became a powerful force for me.” Wendy  continues, "Working in the construction industry has always been challenging and rewarding. It keeps you  feeling alive and motivated to put in the effort necessary to succeed in a highly competitive sector.


The Amiano, “Dream Team,” Bringing Your Home Dreams to Reality

Joseph Clymer

Sophia Amiano

Brianna Jarzyk

Director of Project Development

Project Designer

Project Designer

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Amiano and son employee posing for a photo in a remodeled kitchen
Amiano and son employee posing in a kitchen remodel

Joseph was surrounded by construction as a child. Joseph began visiting construction sites with his  Grandfather, Lou Amiano Sr., at a young age. Joe joined Amiano & Son towards the end of his high school  career, and Lou Jr. brought him in as another addition to the family company. Starting out in the field, Joe also  picked up the fundamentals of construction. Joe quickly discovered that consulting was where he truly excelled  in this industry. 

Fast forward to today, being one of South Jersey's best Design-Build experts is Joseph Clymer. He has  improved his abilities in all facets of renovation since beginning his career with Amiano & Son more than ten  years ago. His abilities encompass everything from project management, design to planning as well as project budgeting. At Amiano & Son, Joseph is continually acquiring new skills to enhance the client experience. Once  your project starts, he continues to provide direction. Throughout the whole construction process, Joe keeps in  touch with your project manager and has access to daily images and data from the field using Buildertrend, a  cloud-based production platform. 

Joseph is a prestigious award winner and member in the NKBA 30 under 30, being admitted in 2019. Joseph  has also won several sales honors from the Builder's League of South Jersey, including Salesperson of the Year  and Million Dollar Club. Joseph’s care for his client’s needs as well as wants on their projects is what makes  him stand out from the rest and continue to produce the Amiano standard that Lou Amiano developed.

Sophia has had a unique eye ever since she was a small child. From how she preferred her bedroom to be set up, to asking her mother, Wendy, every morning before primary school, "Mommy, am I fashion?” Wendy and Lou knew early on that Sophia would choose a career that would allow her creative mind to flourish.

Sophia began working at the company at an early age, as she always looked up to her cousin, Joe, so naturally,  she wanted to be a part of the family business. Sophia initially helped her mother with the marketing side of the company while also performing various miscellaneous tasks. Sophia's skills eventually led her to the design side of the company, where she thrived. In order to properly use a client's space and satisfy both their requirements and aspirations for their makeover, Sophia has established a reputation as a designer that goes above and beyond what her clients expect. Throughout, bearing in mind the whole investment made by the client. Both showroom locations are managed by Sophia, who ensures to provide stunning products and materials for all customer investment levels. 

Sophia has won various awards over the years as well as has been honored to be selected into industry leading groups such as the Moen designer council, NKBA Women's to Women's group, and so on.

Together, Sophia and Joe continue to serve the requirements of their clients and expand Amiano & Son, always maintaining the foundation that Lou and Wendy laid.

Brianna is an experienced designer who is knowledgeable about design and how it will function in practice.  Throughout the entire process, Brianna is not hesitant to tell you what will and won't work and she is always thinking outside of the box to make her client’s visions come to life. She developed a passion for the design build aspect of construction since she has always had a creative mind. With using our design platform, Chief Architect, Brianna has developed innumerable interior and outdoor designs for her client's. Brianna always enjoys watching her projects unveil and leaving her clients with a new remodel that they will get to enjoy and love for years to come!


The ProfessionalsWho Oversee and Ensure the Dream is Fulfilled

Keith Blose

Production Manager

Keith Blose

Keith worked as an electrician for seven years prior to Amiano and has been in the construction industry for over twenty years. In order to ensure a seamless transition from the concept to the construction, Keith oversees our production team and collaborates closely with our design team. Keith joined Amiano & Son as a lead carpenter and worked his way through the company's ranks to become a vital member of our top management team. His passion and hard work have contributed to the company's remarkable expansion.

Tom Graf

Damian Rosato

John Haines

Dave McGarigle

Project Manager

Project Manager
Long Beach Island Location

Project Manager

Project Manager

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lbi remodeler
Amiano and son employee posing for a photo
Amiano and son employee posing for a photo

Tom has been in the construction industry for quite some time, entering shortly after high school. Tom is very well-organized, competent, and amiable. Tom's proficiency with our cloud-based tools and natural time management skills allow him to successfully handle many tasks at once. Tom excels in project management and has grown immensely in his position since starting with Amiano in the year 2017. 

In today’s world, Damian’s talents are of a rarity, and we are so happy to have him be a part of our team. Similar to our other team members, Damian came into this industry from an early age, becoming a perfectionist at many things. He even assisted in the construction of a lot of the casinos in Atlantic City that you enjoy and visit today. Since Damian perfected his own craft of trade over the years, it only made him better when becoming a project manager, as he knows and understands the quality that Amiano wants produced.   Damian is a native of the seaside; having grown up near the ocean and spent many years working in Atlantic City, Damian is aware of the precautions that must be taken and observed when working in the environment.  Damian is a genuine specialist in the design and construction of beach homes, which is why we chose him to be our project manager for Long Beach Island when we expanded.

John has worked in building and carpentry for more than 25 years. In his career, John has overseen extensive  kitchen renovations, expansions, and whole-house renovations. John is approachable, composed, and always  committed to his work.

Dave traversed the country overseeing the construction and production of commercial projects before joining Amiano & Son. Dave oversaw and completed the build of structures like Starbucks and more! Dave has gained knowledge in specialty construction through travel and a variety of projects under his belt. Dave was an instant fit at Amiano & Son thanks to his versatility and punctuality, and every client that comes his way is left as a happy one.

additionally, the amiano production team has our own carpenters as well as laborers that you will occasionally encounter on your own project, assisting in the completion of the renovation!


Forever Thankful & Always Remembering the Ones Who Started it All

Lou Amiano Sr.

JoAnn Amiano

Amiano and son employee on a tractor
Louann amiano

In 1968, Lou Amiano Sr. found himself at a crossroads. At the time, he was working for a small company, finding it hard to make ends meet for his family. It was then, that he decided to take matters into his own hands and start his own company. At the time, family members suggested it was the best idea and Lou himself was scared, as any entrpreneur would be. But three generations later and a legacy created, Lou Amiano Sr. says he would do it all over again. "There is nothing more important than family," a value Lou Amiano Sr. and his wife, JoAnn, passed onto the following generations of family.

JoAnn Amiano supported her husband by handling the businesses bookkeeping as well as other up-start tasks when Lou Sr. chose to launch Amiano & Son. The cherished Amiano logo is easily recognizable thanks to the sun that sits overtop the roof line. This was originally designed by JoAnn, a statement that will forever be embellished onto our brand. JoAnn Amiano is a rock to the Amiano family, and we dedicate the sunshine overhead the rooftop in her name, as she is our forever sunshine - Always showering us with light and nothing but good in our favor.

Amiano and Son Construction logo

Shown to the left, is the first and original logo of Amiano & Son - Designed by JoAnn Amiano.