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The Amiano Advantage

A Tried-and-True Seamless Remodeling Process

We’ve been in the home remodeling business a long time and if there’s one thing we’ve learned , it’s that a structured process is paramount to any successful home remodeling project. That’s why we developed what we like to call our, “Amiano Advantage.” It’s a great way for you to follow along with your project, and it gives us the opportunity to explain milestones as they’re happening.

Introductory Phone Call with Your Design-Build Specialist

Let’s get off to the right start – Our process begins by a simple phone call so our specialists can best understand your projects scope, needs, and wants, to best come prepared for the next step of the process.

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In-Home Consultation

A comprehensive site visit that is our complimentary in-home consultation allows our
professionals to explore possibilities, get a better sense of the area being renovated, and
collect all the information necessary to create a formal work scope that will serve as a
roadmap for the design and planning process.

Showroom Meeting

In order to assess as well as finalize the project’s work scope as a team, assure a comfortable investment, and prepare for the following step, which is our design and planning agreement, we first meet in our fully tailored showroom location.

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Design & Planning Agreement

Clients work one-on-one with our award-winning design team to implement their
projects’ final design as well as complete final material selections through our design and
planning agreement, all under our one roof. Internally, your project’s team of experts
gather all necessary project information, making sure that every component is in place
before moving through with our final construction contract.

Final Construction Contract Signing

Here, we go over the final construction contract’s scope, plans, materials, investment,
start and completion dates, giving the customer a detailed contract specking every aspect
of their home remodeling project. We will also arrange our pre-construction meeting
during this meeting, which takes place before construction starts and fully prepares you
for the following stage.

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Construction Commences

All necessary supplies have now been ordered and are ready to be installed as required.
The required permits are all in place, so work can start. Finally, the assigned project
manager makes certain that the contract’s scope and design are carried out in
accordance with the agreed-upon timeline and to our high Amiano standards.

Quality Control Check

When your project is almost finished, our production management team thoroughly
examines every area of your new renovation to leave you with our reputable Amiano,
magazine-quality work.

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Large kitchen with white cabinets and center island from amiano and son

Enjoy Your Beautiful New Home!

Your partnership with Amiano & Son does not cease after the completion of your project.
Amiano & Son provides you with a warranty packet specific to the materials used in your
project at the conclusion of the job. Amiano & Son wishes each and every client many
years of happiness and fond memories in their newly renovated house!


Yes! All consultations are complimentary unless you do not currently own the property. If you do not own the property but are trying to plan on investment into the property, please call us for consultation fee information.

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