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Amiano & Son Design-Build Wins Remodeling Awards for New Showroom

Amiano & Son Design-Build is proud to announce their third award presented for Amiano’s new showroom located in Southampton, NJ. This is the third award within a year for the all-inclusive Kitchen, Bath, and Exteriors showroom.  It is important to note that this family owned and operated company has strived hard year over year to provide clients with the best remodeling experience possible. Amiano & Son set their goal as a Design-Build company to give New Jersey one of the best and most client friendly Remodeling showrooms around. Guided by the vision of owner Lou Amiano, head Designer Gianna Sweet converted the over 3000 sq. foot dated building into a modern day Showroom focused on all aspects of the construction industry.  In this showroom homeowners will receive individualized attention that focuses our team on their project. Despite the fact that the showroom was created pre-COVID it actually lends itself to fit into the “new norm” that we are all experiencing. The layout of the showroom is walled off for various kitchen and bath displays. Each area is organized to make for easy cleaning before and after each consultation. A private conference room provides for the originally unintended social distancing so homeowners can see their design in a comfortable and safe environment. This is important as many homeowners are now remodeling after being trapped in their homes for the past few months. 


In a completely separate and closed off section of the showroom employees of Amiano & Son Design-Build work in individualized offices or 8 ft. cubicles providing safety and comfort to their employees.  The sectioned off area that was created helps to distance the public from our office staff and field crew. 


One of the most exciting aspects of the building to people in the area is that the building used to be a beloved floral shop that drew people from near and far. It was eventually sold and sat in a state of disarray while being rented then listed for sale again. Lou Amiano could have easily ignored the building. He had just gone through remodeling a commercial space some years ago. His company quickly grew out of that space. Lou took the risk buying this large building and remodeling it for a new showroom. Lou Amiano, by recycling, these older commercial buildings helped to revitalize the look of Route 206 in the Southampton area.  It is exciting to townships with run-down buildings to see someone come in and remodel them. It is a benefit to both homeowners, businesses, and the environment not to have an old building sitting around. 


To date Amiano & Son’s Design Showroom has been awarded best commercial project by 3 separate entities. 


First, recognized by the Builder’s League of South Jersey with their MAME awards a local acknowledgement amongst their peers. The second award was a regional Northeast Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Each year, NARI presents CotY Awards to members who have demonstrated outstanding work through their remodeling projects. The CotY Awards are the highest form of recognition by industry leaders and peers. NARI received nearly 500 entries from across the United States representing over $138 million in remodeling projects for 2020. The most recent award was from the Chrysalis awards. Continuing to set new standards of professionalism, 79 companies from across the United States were named winners at the 2020 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence. The entries were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.  The Chrysalis Awards program, began in 1994.



Wendy Amiano

Wendy Amiano

Recently recieving her NARI certification as a Certified Remodeler Wendy Amiano has worked in many areas of remodeling. Her knowledge extends into various areas of the remodel but her main specialty is consulting on the before, during and after a remodel as featured at the Philly Home Show.