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Interior Design Over the Years

Though we here at Amiano & Son might strictly be in the business of remodeling, there is no denying the relationship that exists between home remodeling and interior design! Whether its a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, interior design is where homeowners can get in touch with their creative side, and remodeling acts as somewhat of a blank canvas. 

As long as there are homes, there will be interior design – and as long as there’s interior design – there will be the importance of trends. In today’s blog, we take a look at the most prominent interior design trends that have occurred over the years. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more!

1970’s – Maximalism and Warm Colors

In the 70’s, when things were groovy, the interior design choices certainly reflected this. Decor of the era often appropriated a fun, warm and maximalist vibe, using the likes of abstract patterns and robust colors throughout all rooms of the house. It almost seemed as if nothing was safe from geometric prints or colorful tiling. The furniture, in addition, was noticeably lower to the ground than in succeeding eras. 

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1980’s – Neon and Cooler Colors

Though the 80’s may have a reputation of being a polarizing era for fashion and design choices, much of what was popular in the era still holds up today. The 80’s can be distinguished for subtle yet eccentric color choices, such as muted versions of pink and blue. This is not to meant to erase, however, the era’s infatuation with bright neon visuals. Another staple of 80’s interior design, plants had become increasingly popular in homes during this era, a decor item that remains still very popular to this day.

William Miller Design: 1980s Interior Design | 1980s interior design, Living room decor gray, House interior

1990’s – Futuristic Yet Nostalgic

In some ways, home decor in the 1990’s took a step forward while taking a step back. We saw a notable return to previous trends, like those exhibited in the 1970s (fun, colorful designs, etc.) while also establishing its own identity. Though 90’s decor is certainly not as distinguishable as other eras, that is not to say that it is particularly uninteresting or bland. Instead, the era made for an intriguing collage of both past and contemporary trends.

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While many trends remain exclusive to their era, some have reemerged and re-appropriated themselves into the modern day, defying the boundaries of time. For your next interior design or home remodeling project, what historic trends do you plan to use? 

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Wendy Amiano

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