Medford NJ Bathroom Remodel

Medford New Jersey Bathroom Remodel

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Luxe bathroom design

Medford NJ Bath Remodel

This Medford NJ Bath Remodel is a two-bathroom project where we matched the design elements to form one cohesive design across both rooms. The use of mostly white and very light gray give this space the feeling of being in a high end spa instead of at home. It’s truly a luxury environment with plenty amenities to make anyone feel relaxed.

The oversized soaking tub with free-standing faucet is the perfect space to unwind with a glass of wine and a rose petal bath. Could you imagine letting go of the days stress in a setting like that? We can!

For everyday use, we built an oversized walk-in shower lined with beautiful marble and chrome hardware. If you look closely at the beautiful shower floor pattern, you’ll notice there’s also flower petal designs made of marble! It’s truly a unique design that you won’t find in most homes. We used a dark gray countertop to pull color from the deep veins in the wall marble and help draw more attention to the dramatic effect of the color contrasts.

The homeowners really treat this space as their own personal spa now and spend a lot of time unwinding in their beautiful new bath. When you’re ready to make your bath dreams come true, be sure to ask for your complimentary in-home consultation so that you can meet our incredible designers and learn more about the Amiano & Son Process.

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