Yardsville NJ Bathroom Remodel

Yardville New Jersey Bathroom Remodel

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Porcelain Tile

This bathroom remodel was designed for accessibility. The homeowner’s needed an ADA accessible area and their current bathroom did not fit their needs. We designed a wheelchair accessible bathroom with large shower and easily accessible vanities. The homeowners now have easy access to all features, and we created the space to fit their needs.

Bathroom remodel with two sinks and large shower from amiano and son

Bathroom Remodel

Yardville NJ Bath Remodel

This bathroom remodel was needed for many reasons. The homeowners had multiple obstacles with their current bathroom. The main issues were the built-in tub and small shower. For someone who is handicap they need convenient access to bathe and the current set up made that very difficult. They installed chairs and grab bars but getting in and out was still a struggle. The overall aesthetic needed an upgrade as well. Having an ADA complaint bathroom was a top priority for these homeowners.

Our redesign had to include a wheelchair accessible shower and overall maneuverable space. The built-in tub was removed, and the small stall shower replaced with a large, curb less shower. This allows for easy walking or wheeling in. There were also multiple grab bars installed around the shower area for grip and control.

With any bathroom remodel, storage was concern and we included not only the double vanity but also wrap around cabinet and storage under the window. There is also a small built in by the toilet and a full height pantry near the door. Not only did we create a space that allows for more freedom and is ADA accesible, we designed a space that they will enjoy using.

Bathroom remodel with two sinks and large shower from amiano and son

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