Hammonton Kitchen Remodel

Hammonton New Jersey Kitchen Remodel

Surface Material

Pental Quartz

Cabinet Style

Traditional Mix

Flooring Type


Stove with wood range hood

South Jersey Kitchen Remodel

In the heart of the blueberry capital of NJ these homeowners wanted to undergo a big kitchen remodel. This dark and dated kitchen did not let lend itself to the energetic family who lived here.


THIS fun family loves have gatherings to cook, eat, and just hang out. They wanted a functional and beautiful kitchen that they could enjoy for years to come. They also wanted to brighten things up.

To really lighten up the area we went with an open floor plan eliminating the islands with overhanging cabinets that separated the kitchen off from the rest of the house.

We had to figure out how to tie the new kitchen into the rest of the house that still had the darker, more rustic decor. We went with a versatile natural tile that gave the smooth look of a polished stone or marble. The large tiles help the room flow into the rest of the house. The main cabinetry was an ivory white to really brighten the space up. For the kitchen island a Wellborn stained oatmeal cabinet was used. The center island is like a work station in itself. It houses a microwave, sink, and even a bookshelf ! The long island provides plenty of room for seats so you can fit a big crowd in this kitchen.

Storage ! That is always a big request from everyone. We all are trying to De-Clutter our homes. To actually put something in its place is rewarding to most of us. No problem we said !

If you look to the opposite wall of the stove and fridge you will see a full wall of storage. Cabinets that match and carry the flow of the main kitchen offer plenty of storage and added beauty to their kitchen.

As you scroll through the gallery you will see lots of other unique features such as the mixer assist stand, glass cabinet doors, and oversized island.

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