Tabernacle NJ Kitchen Remodel

Tabernacle New Jersey Kitchen Remodel

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Tabernacle NJ Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen and bathroom remodel completely revamped this home. From the dramatic flooring color to the satin finished counter tops, this kitchen has a soft and homey vibe that just isn’t found in most homes. By alternating the size of the floor planks we were able to give the flooring more pizzazz and break up the traditional flooring lines you’d see in most homes.

We also opted for colors that remain consistent across the lower portion of the entire kitchen while the upper is a contrasting color.

Using lighter colored cabinets with the darker base, this kitchen seems wide open even though it’s compartmentalized from most of the home.

The built-in bench seating helped transition the newly remodeled kitchen with the rest of the home to create a cohesive and flowing space.

We revamped the adjacent half bath as well and created a similar environment of soft and warm tones. We implemented a similarly finished countertop and a bowl sink that mixes design elements of the old and the new. 

Together this design is a powerful centerpiece of this beautiful Tabernacle, NJ home. 

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We’re so happy to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible family and we hope that they enjoy their home for many years to come!