Lights above a center island in an amiano and son kitchen

Plainsboro NJ Home Addition

Plainsboro New Jersey Home Addition

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Six Months

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Exterior of a home addition from amiano and son

Palinsboro NJ Home Addition

This Plainsboro New Jersey Home Addition features a large two-story addition to house a large guest wing. It includes a bedroom, lounge area, large walk-in closet, and bathroom. And because we were able to match all exterior design elements and textures, it looks like an original build.

When it comes to building an addition, it’s important that the new section matches or compliments the existing structure to form a cohesive design. Otherwise, it’s very obvious that major changes were made to the home.

This Plainsboro New Jersey Home Addition also features a custom staircase that we built as part of the overall addition and remodel. It’s a beautiful statement element that helps accentuate the overall upscale design of this home. Our designers are experts at creating designs that fit seamlessly into your existing home.

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Staircase in an amiano and son home addition