Princeton NJ Home Addition

Princeton New Jersey Home Addition

Addition Type

Pool Enclosure

Time Required

Eleven Months

Price Range


Princeton NJ Home Addition

This Princeton New Jersey Home Addition created a beautiful indoor pool, lounge area and massive outdoor deck that’s sure to please year round. By incorporating minimalistic mid-century lines and design inspirations, we were able to create a seamless transition between the main home and this indoor pool area.

Strategically placed windows and doors provide ample natural light while maintaining a bit of privacy for the homeowners. And because we designed this addition to have a ton of extra floorspace, we were able to incorporate a wet bar with a beverage cooler.

Overall this Princeton New Jersey Home Addition added quite a lot of heated floor space to this home. That’s a great feature when it comes to increasing this home’s appraised value. And the benefits the homeowner’s receive from the extensive use of solar power are the icing on the cake.

No matter what kind of home addition you’re interested in, our designers and builders are experts at creating the perfect space for your home. So when you’re ready to transform your home, be sure to give us a call or schedule your free consultation online.

Another 100% Satisfied Customer

“Lou and Wendy Amiano built an addition to house an indoor pool. Their attention to details of the unique project is much appreciated. It was a daunting project to undertake and they did a great job.”

Kosh S.