Moorestown NJ Home Remodel

Moorestown New Jersey Custom Home Remodel

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Six Months

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Moorestown NJ Custom Home Remodel

This Moorestown New Jersey Home Remodel consisted of an bump-out addition, multiple room remodel, exterior porch addition and pool paver installation. To say it was a huge project is an understatement. But the outcome is spectacular! This home has truly been transformed. What was once a small-ish kitchen is now a massive space with an addition where the dining table currently sits.

We also created a small porch with wonderful views of the pool and back yard, right off the kitchen accessible through a sliding glass door. This home remodel did so much for this home, it’s hard to imagine that it wasn’t built this way from the beginning.

Inside, we also remodeled two bathrooms, replaced flooring throughout, and even created some built-in cabinetry in a few areas. But perhaps our favorite part of this Moorestown Home Remodel was the pool area and porch. Of course the interior is utterly fantastic, but we can’t help but imagine ourselves sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee on an early Saturday morning.

Overlooking the beautiful new pavers that surround the entire pool deck. It’s almost like living in a resort full time! Putting ourselves into our homeowner’s shoes is something we do often. We feel that viewing a project from the client’s position gives us more insight into what would truly transform a space into the perfect home for the family. That level of care and consideration is what truly sets Amiano & Son Construction apart. And it’s a level of service you can rest assured knowing you’ll get when you choose us for your home remodeling project.