Post: Two -toned Kitchens are the latest remodeling trend

Lights above a center island in an amiano and son kitchen

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Kitchen with white cabinets and center island in an amiano and son home remodel

Two-Toned Kitchens are the Hottest Home Design Trend in 2019

Kitchens have always been a focus of interior design trends and for good reason. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house.  A popular trend right now is two toned kitchens. By two toned kitchens I mean cabinets that are two different complimenting colors.

Kitchen remodel from amiano and son construction

Pick a focal point

One of the most common ways for someone to get in on this trend is by selecting one set of cabinets to become a focal point for the space. Many people in the past have selected Kitchen Island because of its central spot in the layout. You are not limited to this layout. You can spend time looking at your current layout and determine a layout you would like to see. Amiano & Son has a designer on staff to help you plan your layout and color coordination.

After you decide on the layout and what you want as your focal point then you consider the color scheme you would like to go with, remember the purpose of a focal point is to be eye-catching.

New Kitchen remodel with white cabinets and center island from amiano and son


Thinking beyond paint what material would you like your cabinets to be? In today’s market there are wood, stainless steel, laminate, glass inserts and aluminum cabinets. That being said mixing materials is another option for two tone kitchens.

Kitchen with White cabinets and center island in an amiano and son home remodel


Go darker on the bottom. Another common way to utilize this trend is by using a darker shade on your lower cabinets and a lighter shade on top. On the one hand, this look works because it allows you to make a statement by using a bold color on your lowers which helps to ground the space. On the other hand, it also helps the space look larger because the lighter shade on your upper cabinets will help draw the eye upward. The lighter cabinets also create a larger more open feeling. To create a cozier feel in your kitchen can be achieved by “pulling the ceiling down” with a darker tone for the top cabinets.

However you decide your cabinets should look; there is one key detail to keep in mind: Each one of your cabinets should include some sort of coordinating element. Remember, when you have two distinct looks in the same space, it’s crucial to include a few details that will make it clear that they belong together.