Lights above a center island in an amiano and son kitchen

What is Remodeling?

Let’s go back to school Mr/Miss Homeowner and take an online class as to what remodeling is ? Remodeling as defined is “to alter a structure.” Altering a structure can include anything from building an addition to building a deck. Tomorrow we will learn the difference between remodel and renovate but for today we are going to learn what a remodel is.

before kitchen remodel

Before kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel with brown cabinets from amiano and son

After kitchen remodel

We are all very familiar with kitchen and bath remodeling which are by far the most popular. Did you know that adding a deck or a an addition is remodeling as well ? Adding anything that alters your existing structure is considered remodeling. Let’s dive a step deeper into the world of remodeling. Porches, garages, portico’s, roof extensions, foyer remodels, basement remodels. These are all examples of remodeling- altering the existing structure and the way it is perceived.

Wet bar in an amiano and son renovated kitchen

We did a fun small remodel one time that was just adding a bar area to the existing living room. The young couple loved having friends over and sitting in their cozy living room having drinks. They decided why not add a bar to the living room ? What a great way to enhance their house ! 

New front door and portico from amiano and son

Another fun remodeling project was adding a portico and new front door to a house in Lumberton. It was amazing how those few simple changes enhanced the look of the house and added convenience to the homeowners lifestyle. Now the homeowners and their visitors could wait by the beautiful new front door under the new portico without getting wet or snowed on.

Cinnaminson Home Remodel

Let’s not forget about decks. With summer just around the corner the calls for decks come pouring in. From spring till late fall, even in the winter people enjoy that extra outdoor space. There is so much you can do with a deck but do not let this investment fall short. The structure, the material, the design is all very important. Did you know you could build seating and lighting into your deck ? You could add a roof to your deck for even more enjoyment. With that being said you do not just want to go hammer some 2×4″s up to your house and call it a day. Even a simple deck needs to be added the correct way. You want to make sure footings are are correct and that the deck ties into the house correctly. Otherwise you could end up with a useless eyesore in your backyard. 

Ramp made with pavers to access deck

For those concerned about a “universal” deck, meaning a deck equipped for the people with disabilities you can add a ramp to access the deck.  A wide ramp and slip proof decking make a safe entry for anybody enjoying some outdoor fun.