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Tabernacle NJ Custom Home Remodel

Tabernacle New Jersey Custom Home


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Tabernacle NJ Custom Home

Our team recently completed this custom home build in Tabernacle, NJ. The homeowners reached out to us looking to construct a home that would meet their families growing needs! After we met with the homeowners and learned about their needs, we got to work on the remodel!

This beautiful custom home shows how much you can style & personality you can fit into a home with a bit of ingenuity and perseverance.  If you’re interested in seeing what the finished product looked like, take a look below to learn more about the project!

The homeowners elected to to create a modern looking aesthetic, with a white color scheme paired with natural wood accents which helps to open up the space. In the kitchen the homeowners opted to install white cabinetry with stainless steel appliances, creating a contemporary aesthetic that helps light up the space. 

The bathroom was designed with the same aesthetic in mind. The counter-tops were built with beautiful marble slabs that matched the tiling in the shower. The bathroom was finished off by adding more stainless steel fixtures to fit the theme of the house.