Customer Testimonials

A Kitchen Remodel fit for the Eberman's

This kitchen remodel was exactly what the Eberman’s were looking for – both product and process. Removing the dining room and expanding the kitchen is what helped give this family the extra space they needed.The Eberman’s now enjoy each other’s company is a one-of-a-kind space.

Potty talk- a small bath remodel

This loving homeowner who has devoted her life to helping animals wanted a well deserved bathroom where she could relax and unwind after a busy doggie day. She lives in a historic home in the Collingswood area that gave her limited room to work with. Our company was able to come in and design a bathroom to suit her wants and needs all in the existing space which is exactly what she needed.

“I am very pleased with the completed renovation project by Amiano Construction. The project involved a new kitchen and extension of the kitchen. I also had exterior renovations done to my house.”

Sharon Q.

A Bathroom Remodel for the Coley Family

This bathroom remodel features an entirely new footprint with a ton of spare storage and a walk-in shower complete with “tall” mount shower head for a very tall man. That just goes to show the thought we put into every remodel we complete. Your total satisfaction is our only goal.

A Kitchen Remodel That's Just Perfect for Mrs. Borinski

Mrs. Borinski had been waiting a long time for her dream kitchen, and when she called us we made sure that’s exactly what we gave her. This kitchen remodel met all her needs and then some. It’s clients like Mrs. Borinski that make us love our jobs each and every day. 

“The other night was my birthday and my parents came over to have cake. My daughter said I love this kitchen isn't it Great!”

Martin S.

An Entire Home Designed For the Belton's

The Belton’s knew that they had the opportunity to customize their dream home. With expert touches and a complete gut and remodel, the home has seen a full transformation. Now every time they come home, the Belton’s know it’s fit to their perfect style.

An Open Floor Plan Kitchen Remodel for the DeShields

This house was actually a historical find in Blackwood, NJ. This couple always dreamed of a new kitchen that had an open flow into their dining room. After a previous bad remodeling experience the couple was apprehensive to committing to any Remodeler. After going through our Design process and seeing the detail that went into that they were more than ready for the next phase of our relationship which is the construction phase. As you can hear they were overjoyed with their choice of our company.

A Kitchen Remodel With a View for the Milks

This lakefront homeowner wanted a kitchen where they could enjoy the scenery of the lake and infact modernize their currently outdated kitchen. Their house was a rust closed in floorplan that did not allow them to enjoy their house. After working with our design team their new kitchen came to life. Now they have a newly remodeled kitchen that will allow them to enjoy countless years of holidays, gatherings, and even space for homework to be done.

“I will never need another contractor again. Amiano and Son will do all my work I need in the future. They are fabulous!”

Marietta B.

Retired couple gets their dream kitchen.

This retired Gloucester County couple has a big family to entertain. They wanted a kitchen that was more open with extra storage. By removing a knee wall and adding a pantry we were able to give them what they wanted at a price they could afford.

An experienced remodeling client is happy with Amiano

This Burlington County resident was a tough cookie when it came to designing and remodeling her kitchen. The results were an ageless kitchen that is a calm cooking area by day and a sparkling hot spot for entertaining at night.