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How to Choose Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll soon be making decisions about the flooring, lighting, and kitchen cabinetry. As enjoyable as laying new flooring may be, kitchen cabinets are where the real fun lies. Kitchen cabinetry is the most distinct feature of any kitchen. Kitchen cabinet choices are nearly endless and can e tailored to fit your personality, home-style, and needs. Read on to discover what types of cabinets are available to you and which are best for your kitchen.

Base Cabinets

If you prefer to have your kitchen windows or backsplash to stand out, you’ll want to choose base cabinets. Base cabinets form your entire storage area as wall cabinets are removed entirely. These make a bold statement and give the kitchen an open feel. Base cabinetry works well for open floor-plan layouts that connect the kitchen and living room. When choosing base cabinets, drawers create easier access than traditional door cabinets.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are the most traditional style of kitchen cabinetry found in kitchens across the country. Known for their versatility and storage capacity, wall cabinets are preferred by many. You will sacrifice some features such as windows, however, so if a large kitchen window is your priority, wall cabinets may not be for you. If you want the most storage possible, wall cabinets take advantage of space high on the walls for rarely used kitchenware and serving items.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

If the idea of wall cabinets appeal to you, but you’re looking for the most storage possible, a good option is floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These cabinets create an accent wall and can store any kitchen items needed. By leaving some shelving open rather than covered by doors, you can create appealing cubbies for cookbooks or other kitchen décor.

Miscellaneous Cabinetry Options

To maximize your storage space for any cabinet option, choose European-style frameless options. These provide the most space in your cabinets possible, whether you choose the base, wall, or floor-to-ceiling style.

Opt for soft-close drawers where drawer options are available. These will add to your cabinetry costs but are worth it for ease of use. 

Use round tables to utilize corner areas that might otherwise be unused space.

Touchless cabinet drawers are excellent for spaces dedicated to trash and recycling. Touchless drawers are considered a luxury item and will cost more. Choose this option for areas that will truly count by maximizing accessibility and traffic flow in your kitchen.

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Wendy Amiano

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