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How To Remodel During This Unprecedented Time

Large Open Floor Plan Home WIth Stainless Steel Appliances

During a time where life feels as though it is on pause, don’t let that stop you from continuing to live. Business’s all around the state and the country are switching gears to better serve the people of our amazing country – Amiano & Son included. In a business of hands-on work and face-to-face interactions, we have transitioned into a position that better serves our clients as well as our staff. Here is how Amiano & Son is protecting you and our workers during this time.

      • 1st Consultation:
          •  All first consultation meetings can be done virtually so our consultants can still view the space all while still discussing with the homeowner their wants/needs for the space.
          • We also ask for photos to be emailed for a closer look of anything that may be a concern/issue while remodeling. We also utilize photos so consultants and designers can work together on designing the space for you.
        • Measurements
          • As we are following all safety protocols – Our entire staff is required to wear gloves and masks when being in the homeowner’s house. Measurements can be done while maintaining a 6-feet distance and with all safety protection on. 
        • Online Program
          • Here at Amiano & Son, we utilize an online program in which we are able to communicate from office staff to field staff to the homeowner all through one single application. Things like daily photo logs, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical, etc. all are communicated and checked off through this application for an easy, safe communication during construction. 

    Avoiding/Reducing Contact Between Homeowners & Workers

    Following the state and federal orders and recommendations, Amiano is hyper focused on minimizing the need for individuals to work in close quarters. As much as possible, our employees will maintain a minimum of 6 feet from each other and homeowners. We also ensure this by continuing to do our step-by-step construction phases – Only having one trade in at a time as well as again, utilizing our online program and cell phones for communication.

    Increased Sanitizing and Handwashing

    We have supplied all of our staff, office and field, with hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes/cleaner, and hand soap to keep the job site as sanitary as possible. Amiano & Son field staff is required to always clean their job sites by the end of the day – crisis or not. But we are taking our protocols even further by adding the personal hand soaps and sanitizers. Our showroom is also being cleaned daily as well as has an air filter running at all times. 

    Ensuring There Are No Sick Workers Onsite

    Our office staff, project managers, laborers, carpenters, and trade partners are taking their temperatures daily. As a family company, we always take care of one another and ensure the well-being of each and every member of our staff.

    Providing Workers Separate Access

    If available and permitted by the homeowner, our workers can/will use any side entrances or other access points into the home on the job site. This will avoid any unnecessary contact with the homeowner.

    Portable Toilets

    Something Amiano & Son has always done, even long before this crisis, was put portable toilets on every single job site. This ensures cleanliness in the homeowner’s house as well as privacy.

    Isolating the Job Sites

    Again, as Amiano & Son has always taken precaution and care on our job sites even long before this crisis, something we always do and continue to do is use zip-walls or plastic tarps and industrial tape to block off the work area. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or main living space. This is something we have always done to keep our work area clean, the rest of your home clean, and ensure the minimal spread of any dust, debris, or in this case – germs.

    Conducting More Telephone & Video Meetings

    From the first consultation through design and material selection, we are able and prepared to do all meetings via video conferencing. Through this, we can share screens to go over designs as well as set-up a drop-off system for materials selected for the homeowner to review. All samples will be clean and sanitized before going to the homeowners. 

    At Amiano & Son, we appreciate so much being able to work with our customers and make sure we execute their project goals. Although through this period, we have to work around our normal process, we have put in a renovated process that better fits this time while still giving you a seamless remodeling process and a beautiful finished product. Do not be afraid to start your home goals today – After all, your home should be a place of function and comfort at all times.

    Contact Us Today 

    If you’re interested in remodeling your home this spring, our team at Amiano & Son Construction is ready to assist! Our team can be reached over the phone by calling us at (609) 268-5923 or by filling out our team’s online contact form!

Wendy Amiano

Wendy Amiano

Recently recieving her NARI certification as a Certified Remodeler Wendy Amiano has worked in many areas of remodeling. Her knowledge extends into various areas of the remodel but her main specialty is consulting on the before, during and after a remodel as featured at the Philly Home Show.