Kitchen Remodeling Advice

Kitchen with white cabinets and center island from amiano and son builders

I was recently doing some more homeowner research in the way of remodeling versus renovation. I was also researching where homeowners might be looking for remodeling cost advice. I came across an interesting video by Consumer Reports. The video is short and to the point. It discusses a lot of the various aspects of a kitchen remodel that homeowners do not take into account.

If you are considering your first remodel I often joke it is similar to the first time you are going to have a baby. You go around asking everyone their advice, opinions, and so on. But you typically will rely on your doctor for the actual sound advice of what will be best for you and your baby. I encourage our customers to consider the same idealism when looking at different Design-Build companies to remodel their house.

You really want to go with a design-build professional who you have the confidence in to take their advice. All to often homeowners look up a lot of different things online that have opposing information. The homeowner is then left to decipher on their own what to believe or not believe. If you are working with a professional remodeler who has been around for awhile then you should have confidence that they have been through more situations and circumstances than most people.  That remodeler will be able to guide you in the right direction. A remodeler’s expertise can come from experience or a combination of schooling and experience. Typically just schooling will not prepare a remodeler for the on site situations that tend to arise as a job is going on. The experienced remodeler tends to be able to point you in the right direction to handle the unforeseen, and they can do it with calm confidence because of that experience in the field. That in itself is a value to you, your family, and your home.

Amiano & Son is a Design-Build remodeler who prides themselves on the educational and the situational experience in the industry. Amiano is a company who attends educational events and incurs the expense of sending their staff to educational events so they can offer their clients the best experience possible. Construction is an ever changing industry and staying up on the trends is vital.  If you were to read the bios of Amiano & Son’s staff you will see years of experience which is priceless. I would prefer to have a Project Manager who has actually lived through a kitchen remodel where a design could be a few inches off rather than one who simply has read about how to handle that. I would prefer to have my bathroom designed by a designer who has lots of years under their belt to design my new bathroom than someone who is fresh out of school and designed more commercial projects than residential.

When comparing prices for a remodel consider the company behind the price. Also consider that every part that goes to your remodel requires a tradesman to install that part properly. Everything comes with a cost to a professional remodeling company. Every nail, every hour spent in class, every exam taken to get certified in their field, every piece of job protections, every shirt their guys wear, so forth and so one. It is not just the material and labor cost, it is the entire package cost for a job done right. Rarely is a remodeling project like skipping down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, but with the Good Remodeler on your side you will get through it just fine and enjoy it for years to come. Now enjoy this short video on “Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes.”