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Making The Most of an Undersized Kitchen


Tiny kitchens can be quite frustrating for homeowners who love to cook and entertain. Having to deal with restricted countertops and storage spaces for utensils and equipment is a nuisance for any homeowner. However, what is most important is the arrangement and management of the small space that you have available, as even if your kitchen is a bit smaller than you would like, there are always ways to maximize the space you have.

So, instead of leaving your kitchen in a messy jumble, here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your undersized kitchen:

Wall Cabinets

If you are worried that there isn’t enough space in the kitchen for your storage needs, don’t forget about the area above your countertops. You can always build more wall cabinets if there’s still room for them. Wall cabinets are great storage for non-perishable food and spices, as well as empty storage containers, glass cups, and coffee mugs. This is one of the best ways to add extra storage space to a small kitchen.


If you have a big kitchen, utensils are most often kept in drawers or base cabinets. However, if your kitchen is small, that’s often a waste of space. One of the best ways to make the most of your undersized kitchen is using pegboards to store kitchen utensils, as well as your long handle pans and skillets. Pegboards can be placed below the wall cabinets to manage space more efficiently.

Pull-Out Pantries In Corners

Pantries are great for storing food. However, they occupy space, and undersized kitchens may not be able to accommodate them. But a smart way to pull this off is by using a pull-out pantry. They are very portable, and you can make one with a width that fits in a small corner. 

Install A Rail System

Much like a pegboard, a rail system is a great way to store extra pans or mugs if you’re low on cabinet space. You can hang kitchenware on the system for easy access, and save your cabinets for dishes that can’t be hung up.

Install Plinth Drawers

You can put the space beneath your base cabinet to use by installing plinth drawers. Often referred to as toe kick drawers, plinths help free up storage space by creating room for storage beneath your base cabinets. You can use them to keep extra utensils or plates you use only occasionally.

Build Shelves In Kitchen Corners

Most people don’t utilize their kitchen corners, which is a waste of storage space! You can build open shelves across the corners to keep mugs, bowls, storage jars, or containers. Seasonings and spices can also be kept here. But don’t store food items that aren’t covered here because open shelves are exposed to dust. 

Use A Nearby Room As Kitchen Storage

One of the biggest problems with small kitchens is; they don’t have room to store dry food. However, instead of cluttering your countertop and cabinets with foodstuff, use a room close to the kitchen for storage. If you have extra space to utilize, building a pantry is often the easiest way to fill this need without cluttering up a nearby room with dry storage.

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. While arranging yours, you should aim to combine aesthetic with functionality. Try as much as possible not to clutter your kitchen with unnecessary items. So store items not used frequently in a different room to effectively manage space in a small kitchen. 

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Wendy Amiano

Wendy Amiano

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