Renovated kitchen with white cabinets and center island from Amiano and son

Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer

Now, as we approach the summer, now is a great time to prime your home for a season full of sunshine, gathering, and memories. What room is more essential to eating, drinking, and gathering than your kitchen? The answer is: there’s no other room! Here at Amiano & Son, we are all about kitchen remodeling and renovation, as such, in today’s blog, we’ll be giving you a few tips on how to prepare your kitchen for a great summer. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information! 

Start With A Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning has a number of benefits beyond just making your kitchen look good – it simply makes your home a better place to be – for you, your guests, and your family. If your kitchen has become dirty or cluttered in any way, now is a great time to take action, and do a thorough, deep cleaning of your kitchen. Particularly during the spring and summer months, allergens such as dust and pollen can be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. Take defensive action against them by dusting and cleaning surfaces in your kitchen, reducing the threat of allergy attacks for you and your family. 

Welcome in the Sunlight

Summer is the season of sunshine and longer days. When it comes to your kitchen, you can take advantage of this, namely by opening up your shades and/or curtains to let in natural lighting! Not only is natural lighting great for illuminating your home’s interior, but it can also have a number of health benefits as well, as it provides the beneficial vitamin D to those exposed to it. This summer, let sunlight into your kitchen to create instant ambience and elegance, helping your kitchen similarly shine.

Looking for Kitchen Remodeling in South Jersey?

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Wendy Amiano

Wendy Amiano

Recently recieving her NARI certification as a Certified Remodeler Wendy Amiano has worked in many areas of remodeling. Her knowledge extends into various areas of the remodel but her main specialty is consulting on the before, during and after a remodel as featured at the Philly Home Show.