LBI Kitchen and Bath Showroom

LBI Showroom Location is moving Amiano & Son Construction has recently announced we are moving to a new location. There are many factors that led into the decision to move to a new location. The first reason we decided to move locations is because we needed to be more centralized on the island. Our location […]

What is remodeling

What is Remodeling? Let’s go back to school Mr/Miss Homeowner and take an online class as to what remodeling is ? Remodeling as defined is “to alter a structure.” Altering a structure can include anything from building an addition to building a deck. Tomorrow we will learn the difference between remodel and renovate but for […]

Two -toned Kitchens are the latest remodeling trend

Home Design Style Blog Two-Toned Kitchens are the Hottest Home Design Trend in 2019 Kitchens have always been a focus of interior design trends and for good reason. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house.  A popular trend right now is two toned kitchens. By two toned kitchens I mean […]